General Description: Hand poured Soy wax highly scented candles made with multi-award winning Cheshire Saffron. Three core fragrances selected to compliment the sweet, floral aroma of our awarding winning Cheshire Saffron. Every candle is unique comprising ground saffron and saffron strands to produce a bespoke product. Enjoy a soft amber glow as the fragrant wax slowly melts to reveal infused saffron and the aroma fills your room.


Mandarin fragrance: Fresh mandarin and lemon are warmed by a subtle hint of saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg, complimented by a rich honey fragrance and rounded by soft floral notes.


Honey fragrance: The mandarin spice is perfectly complimented by rich honey fragrance and rounded by soft floral notes.


Vanilla fragrance: The mandarin spice is perectly complimented by creamy vanilla notes with a hint of hawthorn.


Moroccan fragrance: Capture the spirit of the Bazaar with citrus top notes, jasmine complemented by hints of patchouli and woody tones of incense and amber.


Cheshire Saffron Candles

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