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Cheshire saffron flower

More About Us

Who We Are

Run by brothers Dr Peter Gould (active Plant Biologist) and Douglas Gould (business). Our production of British saffron started many years ago out of curiosity and interest, growing English saffron in a basic hydroponics setup. During these years Peter experimented with many variables identifying optimal growing conditions for saffron production. Since 2015 we have been growing our English saffron in a field chosen for the best growing conditions. 

Our award winning British saffron contains only the vivid red stigmas (no yellow styles). We painstakingly harvest and process the saffron by hand, delicately extracting 3 saffron strands per flower, before individually removing the yellow styles. We only sell from the current harvest. We are 2 star Great Taste Award winners 2017. Our Saffron contains very high levels of the Saffron active chemicals Saffranal (aroma), Crocin (colour) and Picocrocin (flavour). 

Introducing The Cheshire Saffron Company

Pete and Doug

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